History and Evolution: The Groundbreaking Journey of New Standard Saugatuck

Settled in the picturesque town of Saugatuck, New Standard Saugatuck has risen to prominence as a far-sighted entity that discovers, refines, and delivers the modern realities of the down-to-earth, yet dynamic Cannabis universe.

Our story isn’t just about the legality or implementation of Cannabis, but the emergence of a cultural narrative that celebrates wellness, empowerment and the remedial potential of Cannabis.

Since establishing its roots, New Standard Saugatuck has diligently cultivated a purposeful and inclusive environment, inviting everyone – from the curious neophytes to the seasoned users – to be a part of this transformative journey. We champion the complexities, the history and the science of Cannabis to educate and elevate public knowledge, and thereby, reshape perceptions about this long-held taboo.

Our hard-earned reputation rests firmly on the commitment towards stringent quality control, sustainable practices and the extra effort we take to connect with our consumers. The experienced staff serve as friendly guides, assisting patrons in navigating through the wide range of products – from classic buds all the way to edibles, ointments, oils, and beyond. As the embodiment of Cannabis Destination in Saugatuck, we ensure that each experience is unique, personalized, and crafted with the highest consideration.

The world is witnessing a Cannabis Renaissance, and New Standard Saugatuck is both architect and artisan, building a future that respects the past, appreciates the present, and decidedly strides towards a future where everyone can find their own, personal, ‘New Standard’.

The continuous bloom of the Cannabis industry mirrors our own growth, as we evolve and adapt with the socio-economic fabric of our society, yet never losing sight of the quintessential principles that root us.

Embrace the revolution. Experience the transformative journey with us at New Standard Saugatuck. We believe that Cannabis – woven with care, precision, and an authentic understanding of its potential – can set a new standard for well-being and social discourse. And this belief steers our every step, our every endeavor.