Manzanita 209 – Delivering Quality Cannabis Across California

Manzanita 209 is a cannabis dispensary with multiple locations across California. Founded in 2018, the business focuses on providing quality cannabis products to customers in a safe and welcoming environment. Each dispensary is tailored to meet the specific needs of the local community, creating a hub for residents looking for access to cannabis.

Manzanita 209 offers a variety of marijuana products including flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and more. Customers are able to purchase products on site or order delivery through a secure online system. Delivery is available to most areas of California, with special discounts for larger orders and military veterans.

The company has locations in major cities like Livingston, Winton, Atwater, Merced, Chowchilla, and Planada. Each location is fully licensed and compliant with all state regulations. Manzanita 209 is committed to providing customers with high-quality product, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service.

The company is also active in the local community, donating to nonprofits and working with local schools to provide educational materials about cannabis use and safety. In addition, the company has also developed an app to make ordering and delivery easier for customers.

Manzanita 209 is a leader in the cannabis industry, providing access to quality cannabis products in a safe, secure, and customer-focused environment. With multiple locations across California, Manzanita 209 is dedicated to making cannabis more accessible to everyone. To learn more, visit